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Odor Free Solvent
Thinner This odor and toxicity reduced thinner is applicable to all kinds of inks. This thinner is widely used for adjusting viscosity and workability. It has a very good leveling as well. Its drying speed is relatively low and so good for semi automatic machine. When using manual type of machine, this can also be used to prolong drying time of ink. This is normally used as substitute of SM.
Kobel Solvent
XY, Toluene, AN, BK, are widely used for thinning and washing purpose. This thinner was developed after studying various of strong and weak points of those thinners, in order to make things easy to use.
Evaporating time is slower than toluene but faster than AN. This is normally alone used to clean print screen. This has less odor and toxicity.
 Cyclon Hexanone
Solving capability, being outstanding, this is normally used as ink thinner. Drying time is slower than XY but faster than SM. This is toxic and has odor.
Solvent 631 (SM)
This solvent is colorless and clear looking. Its distinctive aroma makes it possible to use it as deodorant. If you use only AN to prolong drying time, screen may block from time to time. You may prevent this blocking problem by mixing this solvent 5 - 10 %. You can also improve its workability.
Can be used as ink solvent by mixing with AN to 1 : 1 ratio. Normally used to prolong drying time. Drying time is faster than SM but slower than AN. Printing effect is good, but its odor lasts longer and it's flammable.
This solvent has little toxicity but has a little odor. Normally used as paint thinner. Drying speed is faster than MIBK.
This is normally used for lacquer thinner. Evaporation point is high and it has stimulating odor. Easy to mix with other solvents, washing capability after screen printing being outstanding, this is widely used to clean ink on the stencil.
Butyl Cellusolve
This solvent is used when you erase bad printed images on such plastic as ABS and/or HIPS. It has mild smelling and it;s easy to be mixed with water. Often used as substitute of SM to prevent blocking of screen.
mostly used to clean inks and/or paints. Fastest drying speed, stimulating odor are its most outstanding characteristics. Often used as lacquer thinner. Its ignition temperature, being relatively low, attention to fire is required.
This is normally used as pre-treatment of surface when surface is hard to paint. Easy to melt in water and other solvent. Attention to fire is required due to its high flammability.
SAM SUNG Paint Thinner

This particular series of thinner are specially designed according to characteristic of various plastic substrate and paint. In this series, there are such thinners as SGM thinner, PC thinner, Noryll thinner, Acrethane thinner, EMS thinner, Texthane thinner, Rezarie thinner. These series are more flammable and fast drying. It is recommendable to choose most right kind of thinner for each substrate and oaint.