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Subsidiary materials

Wooden Frame
We are able to offer custom made production screens to the Screen Printing Industry. Almost any size frame and mesh count combination can be manufactured to meet your specific production needs. Frames are all manufactured from quality seasoned lumber. Screens are tensioned and adhered rapidly, resulting in a constant screen toughness from frame to frame.
Aluminium Frame

Ideal for critical registration and dimensional stability. Advantages include light weight, simplicity and economy. these frames are inexpensive due to their simple construction and long, trouble free life.
Will not swell or warp with age or distort under tension fabricated of high strength aluminium alloy extrusions in any overall size required. Square stock, for small and medium size frames.
All sizes are corner-welded for strength and rigidity.

Frame materials and sizes

When considering frame materials, look for a low weight/high strength material that is dimensionally stable.
Wooden frames are not suitable high quality printing due to their swelling and warping tendencies when subjected to moisture and temperature changes.
Among metal frames, steel is the most stable material. It has a low confficient of thermal expansion (size change due to heat) and the best dimensional stability. Its drawback is high weight.
High quality screen printing, as measured by uniform ink deposits and accurate registration, is strongly influenced by the frame material and frame profile, by the frame size in relation to image size, and by several aspects of squeegee selection and usage.

Screen stretching plier

This is a handy tool, ideal for stretching screen. It grips firm without injury to fabric equipped with sawtoothing rubber.


This is an automatic tacker operated by handy stroke, drives staples accurately.

Emulsion scoop coater

This is convenient direct emulsion coater which is made of light-weight stainless steel. it's round coating edge is designed for quick buildup of the correct emulsion thickness. It can stound upright between coats.

Ink spatulas

These are very useful aids in mixing colors and in cleaning ink or paint cans a specially tempered steel blade designed with the proper degree of flexibilities for easy work and durability. It comes with a hand wood handle.

Hand squeegee

Blade is fitted into handle shaped to fit the hand complete squeegee is light and easy to use(Priced per linear cm)
- complete squeegee with urethane blade
- wooden handle only