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   UV-Multi 900 ink is a multi-purpose coating ink designed for applications to various materials (paper, PC, ABS, PET, etc.) Especially it has superior adhesive strength with fast curing speed and flexibility, no crack or separation of the printed area occurs while working, and its weather resistance is excellent.
Main features
Finish High gloss
UV Lamp

If high pressure mercury lamp or metal hydride lamp is weaker than
80W/cm or the distance to the printed object is far, curing state could
be worse.

Curing speed

varies in color, but especially black and white colors are slower than general one.
influenced by ink thickness, UV light, materials and curing distance and so on .

Mesh 380~420 polyester mesh/inch
Film thickness 10~15㎛
Printable area 85~120㎡ by 1kg ink
Ink properties
o. Appearance : viscous liquid
o. Solid content (%) : 95±2
o. Viscosity : 2,000±200cPs. (based on 25)
o. Specific weight : 1.11
Caution in Handling
o. Run pre-experiments before usage.
o. Please avoid contact with skin; wash out the substance as soon as possible with water and soap.
o. Please avoid contact with the light of UV hardening machine.
o. Wear a goggle to protect your eyes; wash out with saline solution and water as soon as possible.
Storing Method and Term of Validity
o. Store UV ink at a cool and darkroom(5~20℃)
o. UV ink may be cured under light, so avoid direct rays.
o. Term of validity : 1 year